“A physical, mental and emotional spring clean” by Mo Ford

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes – not to mention the difference a year can make. Around this time last year, I was nervously preparing for my first breath Seminar Week. I’d given up wondering what had possessed me to spend so much money on a week of breathing and opening up to a new group of people. It was time to face the challenge of kicking back and letting go in a supportive group environment… that may not sound challenging to some, but for my stoical, wee self, it was! At first, I found myself a little resistant. But by the end of the week, I found that things started to change quickly, easily and for the better. This physical, emotional and mental “spring clean” meant I could listen to my instincts more carefully, pursue the path that they led me down and find that they were always right.

So I guess it’s not surprising that, having fast forwarded a year (in more ways than one), I’ve signed up for my first round of breath facilitator training. Part of the preparation for that came in the form of a suggestion that I repeat Seminar Week, which covers the first three, Personal Development levels of breath work training. There was no official requirement for me to repeat the course, and again I found myself wondering how I would fund it and how I could fit it into my busy schedule. But the more breath work I do, the more I find that these things just tend to fall into place. And so, to my second experience of Seminar Week…

I was pleased to arrive at a familiar, safe location to meet a completely new group with members from all over the world. It’s exciting to make connections with people from places I have never visited and hatch plans to do more breath work in different continents! Denise, Ali and the training team had every detail covered in order to make everyone feel welcome. The team did an excellent job of “translating” and explaining aspects of the course so that they made sense to all of us, with our diverse backgrounds and beliefs systems. There were some extra special moments, such as the pool breathe and seeing off our troubles in a flash of colourful flames… By the end of the week, I’d gained a new perspective and new friends, caught up on lost sleep and let go of a load of old baggage… and it seems I’ve lightened the load just in time for my trip to Mexico, where I’ll begin my facilitator training!

Call me biased, but I’d highly recommend this work and the Breath Base team to anyone. Whether for a week-long course or just a quick intro, taking the time to focus on what you need and get more oxygen into your body is an important and amazing thing to do!