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We are here as a confidential haven for those on the front line, to take on-board new information and support. We are passionate about ‘Helping the Helpers’ – offering re-resourcing, psychological understanding and skill building for all those who spend their time helping, supporting and coaching others. We can support you with information from our multidisciplinary approach in the areas that could improve your personal and professional performance, communication, psychological awareness and self care.

  • "Psyche Breath training offers a high level of technical work, trauma awareness and personal development. This has brought so much to my professional and personal growth, meaning I can be grounded and knowledgable in my coaching going forward. Denise and Ali pay close attention to the physical and emotional safety of trainees and clients, and have developed a unique and bespoke system that adapts to the needs of each individual."

    Mo Trainee Psyche Breath Specialist / Trainee Psyche Practitioner
  • "I had not anticipated the impact that working with Denise would have. It was not just the effect on my voice (which was striking) but also the discovery of how significant emotional and psychological factors are in voice quality. It was fascinating to experience how Denise was able to identify when my thoughts or feelings were affecting my voice. It was even more amazing how she then taught me various strategies, drawing on her training in body psychotherapy as well as more of a traditional singing teacher’s knowledge of the mechanics of voice production, to address these. I went along to improve the quality of my speaking voice – and discovered that I could sing!"

    Dr. Frances Baty
Bespoke Outreach Programmes

A Bespoke Outreach Programme is a ½ or full day – ongoing program and everything in-between. We can arrange performance upgrade, crisis intervention and maintenance programmes, completely geared around the goals you have for you in your individual business, company, training establishment or group. As these are bespoke, if you know exactly how you see us fitting for you, do drop us an email and we shall get dates and prices over to you along with a bespoke proposal. If you need to discuss more, please do not hesitate in contacting us by email or booking an exploratory consultation session.

Who Can Benefit?

As an external body coming in to your workplace, it means everybody can benefit and be involved as a group, or on an individual basis, or to a specific team within your business. Outreach may also benefit Performance, Music, Psychological and fitness industry professionals and those who feel they would benefit from the insights these industries excel in. We are passionate about getting psychological information out to the music and performance industries, body psychology, voice and breathwork industries, in order to help all systems be educated and tooled up in order to prevent crisis and encourage a thriving workplace.

How Does It Work?

We first agree a goal, place, time, date of delivery and outreach content. We then deliver the agreed on outreach workshop or programme; which may include lectures, experiential learning activities and individual consultations etc, as agreed prior to the date. There are also workshops, courses and bespoke outreach programmes we have already delivered, you can see an extended list of options here. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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