Authentic Vocals Day

21/10/2017 | 11:00 am | Noble House

This course is about finding the essence of you, within your voice and letting it shine through! Your voice and how you use it, can become inauthentic and disconnected from your self. We aim to join you back up again or take your authentic vocals to a new level!

Authentic Vocal Performance Day
Sounding like ‘you’ is the important USP of any vocal artist or professional speaker. This day is about bringing our toolbox of Noble House to those who want to create or further develop their authentic vocal sound.

This will be a day of voice technique and understanding, body awareness building, psychological education and experiential learning.

Also for those of us who struggle to clearly communicate on a personal performance basis.

All are welcome. Reclaim Your Voice, Find Your Voice, Express Your Self.

Duration: 7 hours
Price: £100 early bird or £150 full