Denise Borland 1-1 Sessions

March 20, 2019 | 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm @ Noble House | £120 per hour

Denise has individual 1 hour sessions for; supervision in performance psychology, coaching, breathwork, singing, voice coaching and vocal rehabilitation work. Each session is tailored around the needs of the client, confidential and dynamic.

Denise uses a truly integrative approach, holding the full toolbox in the background whilst working with any client. Her work is fast working and direct whilst caring and compassionate in her approach. If you are ready to shift something that has been stuck for a long time, or learn new ways of being with others, then 1-1 sessions with Denise may be the perfect place to start. As the designer of the Psyche Coaching programme, Denise brings a vast understanding of personal and professional development to her work and is always introducing cutting edge techniques.

You can meet at Noble house or via skype. Denise has been doing this a very long time, if you need a dynamic, robust, no-nonsense, common sense approach, working individually with Denise may be for you!