Embodied Voice Day

23/09/2017 | 11:00 am | Noble House

Embodied Voice is a way of approaching singing & speaking from a grounded, ‘whole person’ perspective. With a large tool bag of ideas to help you get present in your body and clearly communicate more of you, through your voice.

This one day course stops only for lunch and snacks that you bring with you. The rest of the time its voice all the way! You can expect to move to a new level of confidence in your voice throughout the day.

Primarily developed by Ali Bell here at Noble House, Embodied vocalisation is a somatic, psychological and bodywork approach, aimed at creating presence and calm in your system and a starting point of voice use. We understand you are the instrument and to work in isolation means missing so much of the voice and how it works within our whole self system, with it’s roots in body psychotherapy, voice coaching and breathwork. It is suitable for the most scared beginner to the most experienced professional. There is an integration of voice and self, of calm and solid body and vocal use. The results can include, an outburst of creativity, confidence and a reconnection with the self. The voice is a unique part of our system where internal meets external. So much can be gained by embodied voicework as a personal development tool and for professional voice users… This adds great value, awareness, understanding and integration of your voice to optimise whatever your vocals need!

Duration: 7 hours
Price: £100 early bird or £150 full