“Life Savers” by Lindsay Colledge

The last six weeks my life has been very challenging from a business perspective – as some would say if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have ‘nae’ luck at all.

But I am here, I am ok, I have a plan and I can see the way forward and it is down to one person – Denise. In my life I have never reeived the support I have had from her. It is truly unbelievable.

She has challenged me, she has given me incredible insights, she has provided tissues and she has introduced me to new experiences. Her insight led me to restructure my business which my team are all loving. She has got me breathing – you think you would be good at it after 50 years but when you do it properly the insights and strength you receive is incredible. She took me from being lost in space to giving me a clear direction about what I need to do. She has been my lifeline and my rock.

Denise I can’t thank you enough – when I look back when I am old and even greyer, I know that I will recognise what you have given me in the last 6 weeks has had a massive positive effect on my life. It has been a real turning point.

I cannot recommend Denise Borland and Noble House strongly enough – life savers of that I have no doubt.