Bell & Bell Records
Recording Studio Facility

Bell & Bell Records Ltd is a bespoke recording studio and production house from Noble House.

Denise and Ali Bell set up this facility primarily as a production and project studio. It is also available for personal recording and studio recording vocal coaching and artist development. As professional singers, voice coaches and psychology for singers experts, they believe in an integrated approach from idea to product.

As Denise and Ali are the developers of the Psyche Approach, there is a thread of psychological understanding running through the studio, they believe is well over due in the industry. Offering bespoke, from idea to shop front, artist development and care.

  • "Ali and Denise help you unleash your inner spark. First and foremost they are professional yet your friend. They enable you to take away your barriers as quickly or slowly as you can. You begin to sing with Your Voice and Your Story."

    Contemporary Music Artist
  • "My voice disappeared after the April op. Too many meds that dry me out. I have been resuscitating it with tender but tough lessons from Dr Denise Borland. She lives in Scotland and she teaches me via Skype. Sceptics communicated negative comments about learning-at-a-distance - but the strange thing is: it works. Voice returning. Self-confidence returning. Pleasure in singing returning. Denise is as good to look at as well as to learn from."

    Peggy Seeger Folk Singer and Activist
Recording Studio Facility

Bell & Bell Records and Recording studio is a new Scottish production house and recording facility for our time. 

Married couple, Dr. Denise Borland and Ali Bell are Recording Studio owners, record producers and performance psychology experts. They set out to make their own music and build a space they could call home… with a recording studio and multimedia suite on hand.

‘It’s going to be a super productive time for us… and we feel we have a lot to say and want people to hear! As researchers in the field of vocal performance psychology and artists in our own right, we feel this is the way forward for us and for others to be heard.’

Our Mission

To make music we love and continue to bring new music based in Scotland into the world.

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