We offer psychological education and re-resourcing services for all layers of the team involved in creating music at a high level. All our services are tailor made to each individual and/or team’s set of needs. We also recognise each situation and indeed, each individual’s creativity is completely unique. Our confidential services can offer strategies to optimise life behind the scenes – offering personal resourcing and space to work through blocks that impact the individual or team. Optimising performance, on and off stage, is the foundation of our approach and our passion is to offer techniques to allow any individual in the music industry to be the best professional and personal version of themselves.

  • "Ali and Denise help you unleash your inner spark. First and foremost they are professional yet your friend. They enable you to take away your barriers as quickly or slowly as you can. You begin to sing with Your Voice and Your Story."

    Contemporary Music Artist
  • "My voice disappeared after the April op. Too many meds that dry me out. I have been resuscitating it with tender but tough lessons from Dr Denise Borland. She lives in Scotland and she teaches me via Skype. Sceptics communicated negative comments about learning-at-a-distance - but the strange thing is: it works. Voice returning. Self-confidence returning. Pleasure in singing returning. Denise is as good to look at as well as to learn from."

    Peggy Seeger Folk Singer and Activist
Noble Vocals

Noble House offers vocal coaching and wrap around care for Vocal Artists and Singers. With 35 years of experience we rolled out our ‘The Singer’s Psyche’ PhD research into a working model, The Psyche Approach Vocal Pedagogy supporting vocalists and singers in today’s contemporary and commercial music industry.

Noble Vocal Coaching is a bodywork based approach to voice, as such we have specialist training in trauma recovery, non-verbal communication and we offer a large tool bag to support becoming balanced and calm to create open, free, heart-felt, authentic communication. As we treat each person as a ‘joined up system’, what we offer is holistic and thorough, as well as solid vocal technique and vocal coaching. We understand for some they need to sing ‘from the inside out’ and we will help with the demands involved at each stage, from writing, to recording, to performance. We draw on and synthesise voice, performance, psychotherapeutic and educational material, creating an ‘Embodied Singing’ and ‘Authentic Vocals’ approach.

Who Can Benefit?

We believe our approach to vocal coaching plus the personal and performance psychology coaching model offer a good strong platform for vocalists to launch themselves from. Avoiding unnecessary stress, voice loss and tension, offering bespoke techniques to help prepare for the difficulties of touring, high level performance and recording.

Vocalists are welcome back, time and again to recharge, take on more information and hone their skills. A true vocalist’s sanctuary.

We are specialists in psychogenic voice loss recovery and are also happy to work with voice clinics and medical teams in supporting recovery from organic issues (e.g. cysts, nodules etc.).

How Does It Work?

We are a truly holistic, wrap around, unique vocal approach. You can experience 1-1 sessions combining a bespoke combination of voice tech, breath, alignment, psychological education and techniques to lower stress levels and vocal tension. We integrated psychological bodywork understanding with our own ‘Embodied Singing’ approach, supporting calm, authentic vocals. We have our own vocal studio and next year also a recording studio will be in place for coaching and recording in our unique, wrap around way.

*Can be done within 1-1 intensives.

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