The Performance Institute of Scotland is a new performance psychology and wellbeing hub. We know what psychological wellbeing is, we understand the healing and the transformation process with all its messy and difficult parts. 

We want to add these layers of missing education for all the people of Scotland, its leaders and the creative industries. We aspired to do what we did individually and on a small group basis to change the psychological wellbeing of Scotland and set out to transform and be part of a new Scotland. We further understand that political leaders are the rockstars of our time facing many of the same difficulties as our professional performance clients. We offer our progressive politicians a confidential space to decompress, realign and take on new information.

Creating a new Scotland – creating a cohesive narrative.

We advocate for wellbeing over GDP.

We advocate for progressive politicians’ wellbeing.

We advocate for a new music and creatives’ economy and we are active in creating a new media output.

So much bad practise has come into awareness in recent years and we know first hand the unhealthy environments we have all been inhabiting. As performers ourselves, we understand the specific challenges facing the performance industries and that our professional performers are being asked to take on and overcome many new developments and crises with a growing awareness of personal and professional responsibilities and accountabilities.

We help people, companies and systems to get into the 21st Century. We also offer support and camaraderie for our progressive professional performers to help navigate the changes, bring light in the dark times and keep them shining brightly and lighting the way for those they inspire.