We are all performing a lot of the time, online social media gives us all a chance to ‘star in our own lives’. The roles we take at work and at home all add up to many performances and communications, be it verbal or non verbal. From the smallest of issues, to the most crippling, we will co-create with you a toolbox to enable you to realise the life you truly want – thriving instead of just surviving. Unpicking your unhelpful ‘hardwiring’ with a fine tooth comb and getting you to a place of optimum life performance. We specialise in resourcing, stretching and educating you, in order to optimise all your life performances.

  • "I now have a deeper understanding of my self, my behaviors and how I communicate in all aspects of my life and work through my work at Noble House. Psyche coaching has not only introduced me to the concept of resources, grounding, communication, etc., it has given me the skills to actually experience and build these in my day to day experience. Awareness is great, but I now feel like I have integrated these life skills in to my life. I feel I now have the language and understanding to survive the most difficult times and I have so many wonderful times to enjoy because of that."

    Psyche Coaching Client
Psyche Coaching

Noble Houses Psychological Coaching Programme is ‘The Art of Change In Action’. Some people come for 1-1 coaching and are happy to let the work unfold and some prefer the structure of this psychological education programme. The format and structure of the educational material can act as a catalyst for the participants personal work. Flexibility and bespoke individual transformation is the remit.

For those who want a personal development programme, the four levels of Psyche Coaching are for you.

Who Can Benefit?

This programme could benefit anybody who wants to change something in their life!

The psychological grounding and balance between ‘self’ and ‘other’ work in this course makes it particularly of use to those who are in the psychological industries, those who are in crisis, and those who work in a helping or caring role. This is an investment in the ‘overhaul’ you deserve with a huge emphasis on self care and re-resourcing .

How Does It Work?

The Psychological Coaching Programme is made up of four levels of personal work, which can be undertaken individually or as a complete unit. Models and theories are explained, discussed and integrated.

The ultimate outcome is a personalised manual – the ‘Handy-book of You’! This is a personalised course of awareness building, psychological education, integration into your life and a ‘defrag’ of old, out of date beliefs and behaviours. It also offers support and development of who you want to be and truly are – the best version of you.

This programme is made up of weekly, hour long sessions (face to face or Skype), including a level of independent work. Each level takes 12 weeks to complete (depending on previous personal development experience).

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