Our Mission

We exist to fill the gaps, further professionalising and optimising the industries we are in. We aim to create a lasting, positive change in people’s lives by combining practical psychology with individual coaching. Our background is in the music industry, but our goal is to help anyone looking to overcome barriers, recover from trauma or realise their personal and professional potential.

Our Approach

We believe one size does not fit all. We offer dynamic, effective education and individualised coaching & programmes based on our Psyche approach.

At Noble House we believe that trust is earned and we need to surpass just having knowledge to integrate awareness and understanding into the unique, individuals we are. We value and promote self-respect, education and empowerment for all. We aim to facilitate the development of the courage, focus, support team, resources, resilience and grit it takes to reach your personal goals.

Who We Are
Dr Denise Borland
Performance Consultant

PhD (Vocal Performance Psychology), Certified Transactional Analyst – CTA (Psychotherapy), MSc (Psychotherapy), MA (Vocal Performance), 9 years supervision (PTSD) with Babette Rothschild. Bodywork and Breath Training. 


I have with Ali Bell, developed Noble House and it’s unique Performance programmes and coaching. Underpinned by my PhD Research ‘The Singer’s Psyche’: A Vocal Performance Holistic Pedagogy for Singers’. I have been influenced by 35 years of experience in the performance and music industries, on stage and behind the scenes. 20 years of psychological input and development has supported the transformation of myself and others as a psychotherapist, body and breathwork trainer to develop what Noble House is today. I have experience of working with Grammy award winning music producers, universities and have an international singing, and teaching career.

My passions include psychogenic voice loss, complex voice loss issues and all voice rehabilitation. I am a researcher with papers most recently on bullying in the work place and ‘The Singer’s Psyche’.

Ali Bell
Performance Consultant

Certified Psyche Practitioner, Vanguard Practitioner Singer’s Psyche and Psyche Approach®, BMus (Hons), Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild.
Bodywork and Breathtraining.
Head of Training Noble House.


I have, with Denise Borland, developed Noble House and it’s unique Performance programmes and coaching. I continue to work as a Professional Backing singer and have enjoyed working singing and offering trainings at an international level.

I aim to co-create a safe space where people can explore and express who they are.

I have a breadth of experience in working with choirs, which led to the development of my Embodied Singing technique – a toolbox of skills and techniques to cultivate grounded, authentic singing. I believe everyone can sing and I’m passionate in creatively facilitating each client’s vocal and personal growth.

I offer approaches to crisis, personal growth and well-being based on a fundamental belief that we can all learn best from a place of calm and solid grounding.

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